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sweet potatoesIf you are craving steak fries, try this healthier, flavorful version with the fiber and beta carotene benefits of sweet potato. The snackable strips serve as an equally fun dinner side, perfect for a summer grilling evening. Check out our Recipe page.

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Moore Wellness offers a full complement of services to help you reach your full potential, head to toe. Imagine feeling full of energy, eager to greet the world and take on new challenges, feeling at the top of your game. It starts with proper alignment but it doesn't stop there. Our full complement of services extends to nutrition, massage, orthotics, and skin toning

Chiropractic Chiropractic care helps the body heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. A chiropractic adjustment is highly effective in the treatment of allergies, carpel tunnel syndrome, disc problems, headaches, joint dysfunction, neurological conditions, osteoarthritis, whiplash, and more.
Learn about chiropractic methods ...
In Dr. Moore's Well Baby video series, you will learn how to alleviate colic in your baby, relieve trapped gas, and prevent projectile vomiting and food spilling out of your baby's mouth.
Visit our YouTube channel.
Nutritious apple Have you ever wondered why you feel stuffed following a light, healthy meal, or why some foods make you sick and cause you pain? Proper nutrition is vital to a life of wellness, but every person has unique nutritional requirements.
Learn how you can remove toxins from your body >>
Therapeutic massage Muscles can become fatigued, injured or simply achy from chronic stress and tension. Massage helps restore your muscles and surrounding soft tissue to optimal condition, leaving you refreshed and feeling your best. 
Learn more about our therapeutic massage services >>
Orthotic Group A building is only as stable as its foundation. Have your feet analyed for pronation, supination plantar fascitis and begin a healthy lifestyle from your foundation up!  Custom-made orthotic stabilizers can reduce pain and contribute to total body wellness.
Learn more about orthotics >>
Beautiful Image facelift Take years off of your appearance with the revolutionary technology of Beautiful Image, the pain-free lunchtime facelift. Using subtle electrical frequencies, this natural cosmetic procedure reduces fine lines, creases, and wrinkles, firms sagging jowls, and reduces blackheads.
Learn how you can benefit from a Beautiful Image treatment >>
Amyway Global

From personal care to nutrition, Amyway Global has what you need. Try delicious Nutrilite Protein Bars, a chocolate delight that can help you reach a healthy weight. Or Perfect Empowered Drinking Water for a clean, refreshing taste.
Learn more about Amyway Global >>.

Food Revelation What's the revelation? God has provided us with the perfect tool kit for disease prevention and healing and it comes from one of the greatest pleasures in life – FOOD! No modification required. What if you embraced the idea that your health was within your control? What would that mean? Being responsible for your health and sickness.
Visit the Food Revelation for nutritious, great-tasting recipes >>
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